Unfortunately we got to the Ports 1961 show late because we were held up at EDITION Georges Chakra. It’s a scramble getting from one show to the next when they are back to back, so we ended up standing right at the back with our view obstructed by heads, camera lenses and cell phones.

From what I could see of the collection, it was just lovely. Very cool, summery and invoking an oasis in the middle of the desert. The range was predominantly made up of sandy colours and soft fabrics. Lots of tan, nude, off white and light grey with a touch of black, bright purple, emerald green, cobalt blue and chartreuse. The clothing looked soft, yet structured. Quite a  few one shouldered looks, voluminous styles and cinched in waistlines.

Of great note: hemlines were ON THE KNEE. Does this mean that hemlines are once again creeping back down? I selfishly hope so. Ports also showed quite a few wide leg trouser cuts alongside skinny silhouettes. A good mix.