I begin to feel very starved of colour if I don’t wear it regularly in my outfit or as an accessory. So to make up for head to toe black on day 2, I wore an explosion of colour for all of day 3.

The morning started with a New York City YLF gathering, to which I wore a blindingly bright citrusy sour green blouse. The get together was delightful and you’ll hear more about that next week. Before heading off to the next show, I went back to the hotel to change into another rather bright ensemble.

I popped on a watercolor sheath dress that forum member Laura found for me at the last New York City gathering. I still absolutely love that frock and wear it often! I topped it off with my citron birthday trench, red Kate Spade party pumps, the polka dot Lulu Guinness and lots of pearls. I had my colour fix!

I don’t know what happened to my feet though. I can usually wear my much loved Kate Spade stacked heel pumps comfortably for two hours before I have to tear them off (after all, these are my sitting shoes). But my feet were in pain after half an hour and I had to persevere until we returned to the hotel several hours later. And so my foot challenges continue.