This is the first time that I’ve seen this collection and the name of the label is cool in itself. “Mik Cire” is the designer Eric Kim’s name spelled backwards.

This show had an usually high percentage of men in the audience because it was a menswear fashion show. I don’t know which was more entertaining, the runway show, or the style of its attendees. It was extremely fun watching the men stroll through to their seats in their creative, avant-garde and daring outfits. One of the fit looking gents in the audience was covered in body art from the waist up, so he merely attached a pair of braces to his slacks and that was that. His colourful naked body was his top.

I really enjoyed Eric Kim’s collection. It was full off cropped harem pants and clamdiggers — definitely not a mainstream look but completely wearable for hip and fashion forward blokes. Tapered elbow length sleeved T’s, sleek leather jackets, waistcoats, and beanies were strong.The feeling of the outfits were both casual and tailored. Love that look on men! The palette of the collection was great too: black, grey, off white, olive and deep red.

I can easily see Eric Kim’s styles being adapted to mainstream fashion. I’m not going to get Greg into knee length harem pants, but he happily wears fairly refined knee length shorts. A great look.