It’s another colour-rich season filled with a super assortment of silhouettes. The most on trend, directional and modern fashion concepts to grasp at this point are irregular item juxtapositions and unstructured structure. 

  • Irregular Item Juxtapositions: These days, off-kilter items are being incorporated into outfits to make a style statement. Picture a pretty fit and flare frock with a masculine bomber jacket, sporty wedge high-top sneakers, classic chain handle bag, and beanie. An irregular juxtaposition of items that is very “now”. 
  • Unstructured Structure: This is about adding a certain amount of slouch or “relaxed fit” to both the top and bottom parts of your outfit. Or you can match oversized items with tailored ones.

Of course, you don’t need to wear or even like this “now” way of dressing. The most important part in all of this is that your outfits make you feel fab. So by all means stick to outfit combinations, fits and proportions that are more to your taste. 

Without further ado, here’s my list of Spring and Summer “must haves” for 2013 that cut across all body types, ages, budgets, and lifestyles. They provide a great way to refresh your mild and warm weather look: 

  1. White, white, WHITE: I say this every year, but white in all its shades is the colour of the season, and not just generally an effective way to lighten up a warm weather wardrobe. Think white across ALL wardrobe items. From outerwear, jackets, tops and vests, to jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, belts, footwear, hats and bags. Wear white from head toe
  2. High-Low Tops: Tops with high-low hemlines provide structure to an oversized silhouette. Think tees, blouses, jackets and knitwear with high-low hemlines in cropped, regular and tunic lengths.  
  3. Something Pastel or Mid-Toned: If you don’t like to wear items in soft colours close to your face, choose them as a bottom, an accessory, or pair of shoes. 
  4. Something Floral: Floral jackets, jeans, trousers, shorts, dresses, blouses and skirts are fabulous. But so are floral shoes, bags and belts. 
  5. Something Lace: Lace tops, skirts, jackets and dresses get my vote, but there are also more unusual ways to sport lace. Think lace insets, scarves, shoes, and sweatshirts. 
  6. Something Sporty: Sassy sweatshirts, sassy sneakers, silky track pants and baseball jackets — take your pick. You don’t need to be sporty to wear sporty trends. I am very un-sporty, but wear high-tops with pleasure. And silky track pants are on my shopping list. Wear sporty pieces with sophisticated items to create a chic look. 
  7. Bomber or Utility Topper: Maybe both! These jackets provide fresh proportions over dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts and trousers. 
  8. Full Bottoms: Baggy and slouchy trousers or jeans are not the only way to interpret this trend. Think wide trousers, full skirts, fit and flare frocks, and baggy shorts. You’re after any roomy item that is an alternative to formfitting skinny jeans and pencil skirts. These can be worn in an assortment of lengths.
  9. Refined Footwear: Note that every style of shoe has its “more refined version”. We’re talking about a style sensibility that is less chunky, coarse and clunky overall, especially in the heel shape. The visual effect is more elegant and tailored. Refresh your memory with the top 20 footwear trends for Spring and Summer 2013. Pointy toes, slipper flats, loafers, flat oxfords, ankle straps, low heels, high-tops and metal toe caps make my favourites list. 
  10. Clutch: Worn both during the day and night, large or small, with or without a top handle or strap. 

There are also trends like Summer leather. Think shorts, jackets, vests, pants, skirts and shell tops. And long shorts, sci-fi metallics, pattern mixing, peplums, chain handle bags, jumpsuits, colour blocking, tuxedo striping, sheer layers and silk tees. 

I’m still ranting about the current too-short lengths, but every retail season I can find items I love and enjoy refreshing my wardrobe. My Spring wardrobe is taking shape. I’ve decided against the floral jacket that was on my original Spring shopping list because I want to take a break from adding more pattern to my wardrobe. I’m thinking of adding an apple green bomber jacket instead. My new white high-tops are a fun substitute for the white booties that were originally on the list. I’ve also successfully added sci-fi oxfords, a tuxedo shirt, a white clutch, a white belt, a gold belt, and replenished my jeans capsule. Still looking for silk tees, long baggy shorts, pointy toe flats, slouchy white trousers, a pastel trouser suit and Spring cashmere tops. And I’d love to add a new frock that ends just below the knee. Thanks to bomber jackets, my frock spirit has been reignited. 

How does the list look, ladies? Which trends and items resonate the most, and how are you going to update your wardrobes over the next few months?