We have reached the stage in fashion where sweatshirts can look sassy. That’s quite an achievement! I’ve won some clients over to sassy sweatshirts because they are comfortable and un-fussy. Also: machine washable. 

Two points are critical in order to get the modern and fashion forward vibe of the sassy sweatshirt right:

  1. Choose the right sweatshirt shape: You’re after a basic sweater style in sweatshirt material. No traditional zippered hoodie type styling because that looks too much like loungewear or sports gear.
  2. Wear the sweatshirt like a sweater: The photos below show sassy sweatshirts styled in ways that work to my eye. I like them worn casually with denim, and a little dressier with trousers and a flared skirt. I also like the pairing with leather bottoms, heels and a clutch. Adding a sophisticated edge to the outfit makes the sweatshirt look modern and intentional. 

Personally, I’d still rather wear a real sweater than a sassy sweatshirt because I bat for Team Dressy. A fine gauge knitted pullover is dressy whereas sweatshirt fabric is casual no matter how you slice and dice it. That said, the outfits with the leather pencil skirts are appealing to me because the juxtaposition of items is extreme to the extent that they work in harmony. I wouldn’t say no to sporting a similar look with pearls instead of a cuff, just for fun. 

What’s your impression of the sassy sweatshirt? Fashion forward or awful?

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