I don’t often rant about fashion retail because I also see things from an industry perspective, having been a fashion buyer for many years. I wholeheartedly believe that retailers try their best to give us items that satisfy our clothing and style needs. But garment manufacturing is an extremely tricky business, and retail is fraught with all sorts of complications. It’s impossible to please everyone. 

That said, I have had it with the abundance of too short lengths on skirts, dresses, jeans and trousers. It shouldn’t be so hard to find these items with more coverage at an affordable price. It’s not that I want all of them to be knee-covering or full length. Not at all. I want there to be micro minis and maxis and every length in between. I also don’t mind trendy cropped pants and short shorts, as long as there are plenty of full length options and longer shorts options too. 

A good retail season is always about an assortment — not an overkill of one style. There has been a severe shortage of skirts and dresses that are knee-length and midi for several years. On-trend trousers and jeans that are full length have been few and far between for 18 months. And shorts that cover our thighs are the rarest breed of all.

I REALLY hope this changes for Fall 2013. The runway shows at New York Fashion Week at the moment are showing many, many longer skirt and dress lengths, and full length trousers. I am hopeful! May this trend filter down immediately.