As I mentioned in yesterday’s post on footwear trends, sassy sneakers and especially hi-tops, are trending. They are very much mainstream and are now available at all price points as the assortment keeps on growing. I find that many women are reluctant to incorporate fashionable sneakers into their style because they think they are too casual or too juvenile. So I’m readressing sassy sneaker style on the off chance that this changes your mind. 

Here are four reasons to give them a chance:

  1. You can think of them as a sportier version of booties and flat oxfords. 
  2. They are available in flat, low and high heeled versions, so you can choose the height that works for you. 
  3. You can select a more refined style if the chunky Isabel Marant and Ash versions are “too much sneaker”. 
  4. They can change the landscape of your wardrobe, making your everyday looks feel fresh, more hip and youthful. 
  5. They make a great commuting and traveling shoe, and are perfect for the Mum on the go. 

First, let me get the age appropriate question out of the way. I have clients of all ages in fashionable sneakers — ranging from 26 to 75. My younger clients wear them with short flared skirts or dresses, super skinny jeans, and short shorts, while the others are all about adding a sophisticated edge and a level of refinement to their sneaker style. 

Second, there’s no need to feel sloppy and overly casual in a pair of sassy sneakers. I believe that you can look chic and polished wearing sassy sneakers if the rest of the outfit is just so.

Here are the elements that can add sophistication to your sneaker ensemble. Note that you do not need to incorporate all them at once, although it can be done. 

  • Tailored Pieces: Wear a jacket, blazer, coat or topper with some or a lot of structure. Button down shirts and blouses also provide the right amount of structure. 
  • Luxurious Fabrications: Wear sassy sneakers with fabrics like leather, silk, faux fur, crisp cotton, cashmere, daytime sparkle and woven wool. Wear some of these fabrications as bottoms. 
  • Straight Legs instead of Super Skinnies: A roomier fit than a body con jegging can help kick things up a sophisticated notch. 
  • Structured Bag: Or at least a semi structured style to help dress up the look. Anything from a satchel and bucket bag to a crossbody, shoulder bag or clutch will work. 

The outfits below provide a great starting point on how to add a sophisticated edge to sassy sneakers. Better yet, my Sneaker Style” pinboard showcases street style outfits incorporating these elements on everyday people, which is even more inspiring. 

I mentioned that I would be adding hi-tops to my wardrobe in my last post on sassy sneakers. I’ve chosen the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Ness in white because it’s refined, crisp, iconic, and the wedge is low. I’m excited about the look. 

Have I convinced anybody to give these fashionable sneakers a go? Or is it still a no go.