Did you wear high top sneakers as a fashion statement in the late ’80s? I did, in white, with belted, acid wash paper bag waist jeans and a bright tucked in pullover. Then I discovered Dr. Martens and wore those with Levi’s 501s until the cows came home, leaving my high tops orphaned at the back of the closet. As the years went by, I became dressier and dressier, vowing that I would never wear high top sneakers again. I’m about to eat my words because I’ve fallen for the high top sneaker trend big time. 

As part of the sporty trend, high end designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Rick Owens, Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang are showing high top sneakers in their collections at the moment. And Stella McCartney, who designs a line for Adidas, has been on the high top sneaker kick for several seasons. Although these sneakers are intended to be worn as a fashion statement, many of them are surprisingly athletic looking. Some have heeled wedges while others are flat. There is lots of colour, fabric and style assortment. 

The trick is to wear high tops in a fashion forward way, as shown in the photos below. The outfits incorporate on-trend pieces, like leather skirts and pants, short flouncy skirts, burgundy skinnies, printed skinnies, leather jackets, striped tees, sassy sweatshirts, oversized knitwear and cuffed jeans. I can also see high tops worn with the right midi skirt, slouchy trousers, boyfriend jeans, faux fur vests and short shorts. With a certain amount of sophistication AND the right pieces to match the right kicks, I think this look can be pulled off at any age.

It was an outfit on Northern Light a few months ago that first got me thinking about high tops. At first glance I thought that the blogger was wearing white booties, but they’re the Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker. So fab!

The street style at recent New York and London fashion weeks was the additional inspiration I needed to seal the deal.

I don’t know how I’m going to work this trend into my style just yet. It might be for Fall with a darker pair of kicks, or for Spring with a pair of Marimekko high tops, like this pair in white with the fun flowers. I’d like to wear them with a skirt or dress as well as jeans and trousers. I’ll be doing the flat version instead of the wedge, and not investing too much in the look. I’m excited to give it a bash, just for fun. 

Over to you. What’s your take on the the fashion forward high top sneaker look? Would you wear it?

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