We attended the Westfield Style Tour at Seattle’s Southcenter over the weekend to check out the event and meet Stacy London of “What Not To Wear” fame. Stacy is fabulous and what a treat it was to meet and chat with her. With the help of her team and Westfield Style, Stacy has put together Style Tours and Style Lounges at select Westfield Shopping Centers in the US.

The Style Tours happen twice a year, in Spring and in Fall. A designated area in the center is set up where Style For Hire stylists, who were trained by Stacy, will work with clients of all sizes and ages for 15 to 20 minutes for free. They will show you how to put a few seasonal looks together with items that they have chosen from an assortment of stores in the mall. The stylists share dressing tips and concepts that flatter your figure and colouring, using the merchandise that they have on hand as examples. You do not fit on the items in the Style Tour area because it has no dressing room facilities or size options. The idea is that you leave with outfit inspiration for the coming season and style tips on how to dress for your body type. After you’ve finished with a stylist, you can head on over to the Beauty Bar where you can have your make-up done for free too. 

The Westfield Style Lounge works in much the same way as the tour, but on a smaller scale and more permanent basis. You can book an appointment with a Stacy London trained stylist at one of the lounges, and they’ll take 15 to 20 minutes to help you with your dressing challenges at no charge. If you don’t finish in that session, you can book extra time with the stylist at their hourly rate. 

I enjoyed seeing the Style Tour in action because their fundamental message is one that I believe in. Style can be learned, and we can ALL look and feel fabulous. The stylists were friendly and helpful, and Westfield did a super job organizing the event. But the highlight of the morning was the time I spent with the very bubbly, warm, expressive and ever so cute Stacy London. She had a lot to share and I will be posting the interview in a couple of weeks.

Sponsored by Westfield Style.

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