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Arm candy is especially on trend as necklaces take a back seat for a while, so today I’m going to focus on the part of your outfit from the forearm down. 

I like the concept of “arm candy” for a few reasons. First, it’s refreshing to showcase your hands, wrists and forearms instead of the more typical focus on neck, waistline, bottom, bust line or legs. One of the reasons I scrunch my sleeves is because I like to bare the skin on my wrists and forearms.

Second, you can forego all other jewelry and accessories and just sport the arm candy formula. Easy!

And third, it’s a great way to amplify your style if you “talk with your hands”. My client Fernandawho is frequently in front of the camera as a TV personality, talks with her hands. So we’ve made a point of adorning her wrists and fingers with bracelets, a watch, the odd cocktail ring, and always fun fingernail polish. Her neck and ears are bare while her audience focus on her face and hands. It’s worked like a charm and Fernanda’s arm candy has become a signature look.

The three eBay items in this ensemble are the gold Nixon woman’s watch, the Opi Glitter nail polish, and the Joie clutch . Note that the links on these items go to eBay product searches and not to individual products.

You can interpret arm candy in a maximal or minimal way. Bare forearms allow you to showcase more candy, but aren’t essential if you would prefer to sport fewer items from this list.

  1. Wristwatch: This one is for Team Watch! Wearing an oversized watch is like wearing a bracelet and makes for a great substitute if bracelets aren’t for you. They also look great when worn alongside bracelets. 
  2. Bracelets: This is the fashion era of the bracelet and cuff in all its incarnations. Wear them with your watch, on both wrists, or only on one wrist without the watch. Stick to just one cuff or bracelet, or stack them up your arm in any combination that tickles your fancy. Mix or match your metals. Choose fitted bracelets that do not move, or styles that jangle as you walk. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Ring: It’s fun to wear a ring on the hand with the bracelets and watch, that also carries the clutch. That way you maximize the arm candy impact. It’s also a cute idea to pick up the colour of the ring with fingernail polish. Wedding rings also count as rings! 
  4. Fingernail Polish: Nail art has never been as big as it is right now. Choose a colour, a pattern, or go French. Match up the colour to the rest of the arm candy, or stick to a neutral tone. 
  5. Clutch: Clutches are carried in your hand so they finish off the formula. Choose one that works with your outfit overall, and your arm candy in particular. Both small or oversized can work. 

Choose items to suit YOUR style. Go bold and oversized, or stick to daintier pieces. Go colourful or neutral. Wear many items on this list or stick to a few. 

I sport a minimal version of this look daily, and often expose my wrists and forearms. I always wear an oversized watch and match it to one of my wedding rings on the same hand. Occasionally I wear one of my late Mum’s oversized vintage rings too. I do not wear bracelets or fingernail polish, but I’m often sporting a clutch both during the day and at night.

How do you sport your arm candy?