You are on Team Unrolled Jeans if you prefer to wear jeans without rolling up the hems. You are on Team Rolled Jeans if you prefer to roll them at the hems, thereby either exposing your footwear, ankle and/or lower leg. Note that rolled jeans do not need to finish at a cropped length. Some jeans are full length with a rolled hem. 

Rolling the hems of casual bottoms to expose the foot and lower leg, or to create “cuff interest” at the ankle, has been all the rage over the past few years with styles like boyfriend jeans, khakis and cropped pants. And not just for ladieswear but for menswear too. It’s a non-seasonal styling technique because wearing rolled jeans with boots and booties in cold weather is also an on trend look.

I have two pairs of boyfriend jeans with tapered leg silhouettes, one cropped and one full length, and both of which I roll at the hems. I miraculously managed to find boyfriend jeans that scrunch at full length with a roll and I absolutely love them. I also roll my Summer cut-offs because the hems are frayed. Other than that, I am not a roller and prefer to keep my jeans unrolled. I am on Team Unrolled Jeans. 

Over to you. Are you a roller? Or do you bat for Team Unrolled Jeans. Tell us why and no batting for both teams.