In 2010 I suggested guidelines for the belt-challenged because most of my clients (and many of our forum members) had belt phobia back then. However, things have changed. These days many more of my clients and our forum members are wearing belts looped through trousers and jeans. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  1. The semi-tuck and new semi-tuck are a genius styling tool. The concept allows you to half tuck roomy tops into jeans, trousers and skirts that hang lower than your natural waist. The visual effect is forgiving and camouflaging on the midriff, thereby concealing those extra bits that make you feel self-conscious when you expose them. Semi tucking also adds a little more structure to a casual outfit. In this way, you can showcase the front of a belt without feeling like you’re wearing a straight jacket or that it’s cutting into your waist. Gone are the days where you need a defined waistline to wear a belt. This is brilliantly liberating. 
  2. On trend slouchy pant silhouettes and boyfriend jeans often require a belt in order to stay up because they hang lower on the hip. Tuck or semi tuck a top and showcase the belt. 

Furthermore, some of my clients have found that wearing a wide belt over a tucked blouse and skirt combination is slimming. The belt acts like a mini girdle and skims over the contour of the body achieving a smooth silhouette.

I full tuck and faux tuck (that’s different to semi-tucking) loose and formfitting tops into jeans and trousers not because I want to create outfit structure, but because I love how broad belts fill out belt loops. I wear them on my hips because I prefer lower rises. Perhaps that’s because of my tomboy style gene, or my need for outfit polish. Or it’s because I don’t wear jewelry so my belt becomes my jewelry. I really enjoy the way belts finish off an outfit and can create a fun pattern mixed effect. I don’t wear belts as often with skirts and dresses, but do sport belts with those items too. 

Do you sport belts more frequently today than a few years ago? Was it the changing fashions that encouraged this shift? Or are you still feeling belt-challenged? If so, raise your concerns in the comments section and let’s get to work.

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