Semi tucking (or half tucking) has gained immense popularity over the last few seasons. It’s when tops are partially tucked in front and un-tucked everywhere else, as illustrated in the outfits below. You can semi tuck all kinds of tops, from basic t-shirts and blouses, to button down shirts and knitted tops. 

This season I’ve noticed a way of semi tucking that looks new to my eye. It can only be achieved with a top that buttons through the centre front because you leave one side un-tucked while the other is tucked back into your bottoms. That way you create a sharp difference between the left and right side of your outfit. The outfits below show case the new semi tucked look.

Although I don’t semi tuck at all, I prefer the effect of the original semi tucked look because the hem of the top creates a more gradual curve on the body. This method looks more intentional and attractive to my eye. The sharp edge of the new semi tuck that creates “a flap”, looks like an afterthought. It’s as if you forgot to tuck in the other side of your shirt. 

Perhaps this alternative way of semi-tucking will grow on me, but at the moment I’m not a fan. If you’re going to semi tuck, I vote create a gradually curving hemline instead of a sharp edge.

Do you like the new semi-tucked effect? Of the two methods, which do you prefer, and which do you sport?