J. Crew often shows tops that are not completely tucked into bottoms. The tops are partly tucked in front and un-tucked everywhere else. For lack of a better term I’m calling this the “semi-tucked” look.

I like the vibe and it’s particularly compelling on a photograph because it adds textural interest to the front part of the outfit, and you don’t see the back of the outfit. I also like how it makes the outfit look relaxed, something I achieve by scrunching up my shirt and blazer sleeves. But whenever I try a semi-tucked look at home it doesn’t feel right. I feel desperately unpolished, like I haven’t finished dressing. Plus the un-tucked back part of the outfit doesn’t look so fab.

I remember trying the semi-tucked look when my Dad was visiting and I almost made it out the door when my Dad said: “Angelique, your shirt is coming out at the back and needs to be tucked in”. And so I tucked it all back in.

Maybe I’m too much of a neat freak to sport the semi-tucked look (you saw how I keep my desk) and it doesn’t match my fashion persona. But I’m determined to make this look feel right so I’ll keep on experimenting. Do you like the semi-tucked look? What’s the secret to making it work?