I’m more comfortable in flat shoes or low heels because my feet don’t like to arch all that much. But I have learnt that this isn’t true for everyone. Some of my clients and friends are more comfortable wearing some sort of stable heel (up to two inches) because the heel supports their foot. In fact, flat shoes give them foot pain.

For casual settings I suggest footwear like low heeled combat or cowboy boots, low wedge sandals, espadrilles and cork heeled slip-ons if you can’t wear casual flats or fashion sneakers. And there’s also the wedge sneaker, which provides a lift in a particularly casual way.

I remember wearing black and white wedge sneakers in the late 90’s and they were comfy. I also remember wearing chunky white platform sneakers in the early 90’s which were not comfortable at all (but I bandaged up my blisters and wore them anyway).

Are wedge sneakers a suitable and stylish heeled casual footwear option? Or are they just an odd fashion hybrid best left alone. I think that they can be a great option, perhaps not for you and also not for me, but some people will make it work. No one will notice the height of the heel when worn under bootcut jeans or flared legs sported at the right length. And if you’re more daring, wedge sneakers look quite sweet under straight leg jeans, which expose more of the shoe.

Ladies who don’t like to wear flats, but do wear sneakers will be in business with the wedge sneaker. Does it appeal to you?