It’s easy to haul out black and grey tops day in and day out in the dead of Winter. Match them up with boots, jeans and coat and before you know it, you’re wearing neutral ensembles almost all of the time. There is nothing wrong with wearing neutrals daily. If that’s your preference then good for you – it’s stylish and I support the look 100%. But I happen to love bright bursts of saturated colour and feel starved of it when I wear neutrals too many days in a row.

So today, I’m wearing a new boxy purple pullover which is the only item I bought at the post-Christmas sales. I got lucky in that I found my size AND that it doesn’t itch. I’m still on Team Pink but have slowly added the right purple items to my wardrobe. This is my third purple piece and, out of all my knitwear, it’s the coziest of the lot. It’s soft, warm and extremely comfortable. I really like the neck coverage, drapey front and back zipper detailing. Its boxy silhouette is an acquired taste (and my favourite part of the sweater).

I’m back in my Winter uniform of tucking faded legging jeans into knee-high weatherproof boots. Dr. Martens are an acquired taste, yet they work for my fussy feet and our climate. I also love their edgy vibe so wearing them regularly is a pleasure. But I shan’t hold it against you if they aren’t your cup of tea. My white Docs are bright which is why I especially enjoy wearing them in grey weather. My 20 eyelet style doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but there is a nice 14 eyelet version.

I like my purple pullover best sans belt, layering jacket, and with scrunched sleeves. I can leave off the belt, but I still need another layer to keep out the chill. I chose my black sharp shouldered boyfriend blazer and finished off the look with matchy-matchy white specs, watch and black and white handbag.

I’m not seeing clients today, hence my casual outfit. I’m taking Yorkie Jasmine to the vet for a check-up, running a few errands and working at home for the rest of the day. I also had my hair cut yesterday and it’s very, very short. But that’s okay because after two weeks of growth it will be back at the perfect length.

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