I adore both colours but only recently incorporated bright purple into my wardrobe. I never wore purple as a teen or young adult, thinking it was too cool against my skin tone. But a saturated rich purple worn with another warm bright does work for my complexion, so now I’m all for it.

A warm pink, on the other hand, has always been part of my style – just like red. I cannot remember my closet sans pink and red.

I never really wore pastel pink, but loved bubblegum pink when I was little. I wore shocking pink, neon pink and fuschia to death in the 80’s and absolutely still wear those colours today. In fact, the brighter the pink, the more I like it. Fuchsia has also become a signature YLF colour. Enough said. I am Team Pink.

Over to you. Are you Team Pink or Team Purple? Tell us why. No batting for both Teams, but if you insist on sitting this one out because you can’t possibly decide between your two favourite colours, that’s okay too.