I bat for Team Low Rise jeans, which means that I prefer a front rise that measures between six and seven inches on a tailored pair of skinny, straight or bootcut jeans. The back rise measurement is significantly higher to prevent bottom cleavage

I prefer low rises on tailored jeans for three reasons:

  1. I find them extremely comfortable. It all stays put. Front rises that measure eight inches or more tend to dig into my skin, ride up when I sit down and generally feel like too much fabric. 
  2. I like to tuck tops and belt jeans, and find that visually lowering the horizontal cutting line is more flattering for my body type. Belt and tuck with a higher rise and I feel ever so slightly frumpy, although it does visually lengthen my leg line. 
  3. Although I am not short waisted nor short in the rise, I like to create an even longer torso by wearing lower rises with belts and a tucked top. I really like the look of a long torso. 

I don’t mind up to an eight and half inch front rise on boyfriend jeans because I wear them slouchy and therefore with a dropped crotch point. But I still wear the waistband on my hips so that they look low rise, which makes the crotch point drop even further. 

As I replenish my denim capsule this year, I’ve been sharing my thoughts about the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans on our forum. It’s been an interesting process, especially when I compare my own denim fit and fabric needs to those of my clients and our forum members. 80% of my clients prefer a front rise of between eight and nine and a half inches for skinny, straight or bootcut jeans. Some prefer an even higher rise and a couple prefer low rise. I definitely swim against the tide preferring low rise jeans, and because they aren’t on trend or desirable, they are hard to find. 

Over to you. What’s your preferred front rise measurement on tailored or body con jeans? We’ll leave slouchy and baggy styles out of the equation for this poll. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer because it’s a personal preference that is suited to your figure flattery needs and comfort levels.