This might seem like an obvious outfit combination, but frequently my clients are stumped by blue toppers. First, some of them think that they can’t wear blue toppers with blue jeans. And second, they wonder which colour works best layered underneath blue. Well, of course you can wear blue toppers with blue denim! But if that feels like too much blue, black bottoms are the next easy solution. As for the under layer, you have countless options but a shade of white is a good way to go. 

Which brings me to the timeless combination of a blue topper, white layer and black bottoms. The pictures below illustrate the forumla, but let’s break it down by component.

Blue Topper

By topper I mean blazers, leather jackets, coats, denim jackets or sweater coats in any shade of blue. From ink blue and cobalt, to shades of French blue and light blue, and everything in between. The topper needn’t be completely solid. False plain tweeds, seersucker stripes, pinstripes and marbled patterns function much like a solid. On trend, mixed media two-toned toppers in black and blue work well here too.

White Layer

Any shade of white is fab, from optical white to bone and cream. Just choose the white that works for you. Think layering tees, shirts, blouses, knitted tops, or knitwear. Furthermore, no need to keep the layer a solid white. Some of the photos show white tees with grey and black panel prints. Or blouses with black collars. Or a stripe in a soft grey and white could make a good layering piece. 

Black Bottoms

Classic slacks, jeans, Ponte knit stretch pants, cigarette pants, culottes, slouchy pants, leather pants, harem pants, cropped pants, pencil skirts, flared skirts, long shorts, shorts shorts — you name it. Choose any style of black bottom.

You can swap the colours of the bottom and the layering piece around — white bottoms and a black layer — if that’s more your cup of tea. Blue toppers generally look stellar against a black layer, although you lose the lightness and crispness of the white. 

It’s easy to finish off the outfit with black footwear because it picks up the colour of the bottoms, and extends the length of the leg line if you’re wearing black jeans or pants. But white, cream, taupe, chestnut, metallic, or neutrally patterned footwear are more fab options. Accessorize to your taste and you’re done.