I vote yay. I loved plaid trousers as a child and teen, and still love them today. My old zippered cream and black micro check skinnies are close to my heart and I don’t think that I will ever pass them on. 

I am much more likely to wear plaid on the bottom half of my body, be it trousers or skirts, because I prefer to wear crisp, simple and clean-cut tops and jackets close to my face. I used to enjoy wearing bold  lumber jack plaid shirts in the early ’90s, but those days are over. I also have a bold plaid jacket that I am almost ready to pass on to a happy home. But I adore the colours so I’ll wear it a few more times. 

As much as I adore plaid trousers, I do prefer a specific vibe and silhouette. I like them best with tapered hems both is bold and subtle plaid designs. Skinny silhouettes and slouchy pleated styles tickle my fancy in any plaid design as long as they cover the ankles (here is my version in glen plaid). I also really like bootcut styles in subtle plaids like the styles below. Add a simple solid top and footwear, let the plaid do the talking, and you’re good to go. I generally do not like wide-leg plaid trousers in bold, bright plaid designs. Those tend to look more clown-ish to my eye. 

Although I bat for Team Minimal, I also like plaid matched with argyle knitwear. To my eye, the combination is a harmonious geometric mixture of squares and diamonds. Perhaps I should have taken up golf. 

What’s your verdict on plaid pants? Do you wear them? Can you appreciate the look on others if it’s not your cup of tea?

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