For many years now fashion designers haven’t just been bringing out their seasonal clothing collections. They have also successfully branched out into accessories like footwear, handbags and jewellery. Some are even taken it a step further and are adding other style-related items to their repertoire. Think Kate Spade smartphone covers and laptop cases, or books written by big names in the industry. 

However, this type of merchandise isn’t limited to products made by designers and fashion labels. Many other items with a style theme fall in this sideline category, be it because of the fashion images they sport or because of their ingenious design, stunning colours, interesting mix of patterns or fab texture.

Products that fall squarely into this category are fashion and style inspired calendars and organizers. I recently came across some beautiful examples that can help you stay organized at home, in the office and on the go. Here are my top picks for 2012.

Wall Calendars

Organizers & Planners

Just as I’m not the person who would wear a particular designer from head to toe, I have no plans to decorate my entire home around a fashion trend or only use style-themed accessories from now on. But I love keeping up to date with what’s out there and tremendously enjoy browsing “fashion merchandise”. Also, if an item catches my fancy and it fits my personal aesthetic, I’ll happily snap it up. How about you? Are you interested in fashion beyond what you wear? And do calendars like the ones above interest you?

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