Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. Sunny days, crisp air, hot fresh bread, homemade soup and magnificent Fall foliage put me into a good mood no matter what. These photos were taken close to home and also provided the inspiration for this months background cover.

It’s no secret that both the awful and the fabulous elements of ’80s fashion hold a special place in my heart. Seeing modern incarnations of the decade over the last five seasons has made for some fun shopping experiences. Purchasing these charcoal tweed trousers was a great example. I was with dear friend Meredith, who is coincidentally as nostalgic about ’80s fashion as I am, when I saw these high-wasited tapered and pleated darlings with removable suspenders. I tried them on and bubbly Meredith said: “Oh! Soooo ’80’s! You’re not leaving this store without those pants, and you have to wear them with two toned shoes!”. I needed no convincing. The trousers fit like a dream and are ridiculously comfortable. 

I remember making a pair of turquoise checked trousers very similar to these in 1985 (age 15) under my Mum’s sewing supervision, just so that I could showcase my new hang ten suspenders. My needlework was terrible but I had so much fun wearing those badly made trousers. These grey tweed look-alikes were a completely emotional purchase, which makes them all the more special.

It has taken a trip down memory lane to rekindle my love for trousers. This is my second pair of pleated ’80s style trousers and I’d love to get a third in a bold checked pattern. THAT would truly be fab.

I am a black turtle neck gal so the top part of this outfit is a no brainer. I will also wear these pants with my black Anne Fontaine lace shirt and a few other blouses and colourful turtlenecks, keeping the look soft and tactile. I can leave off the suspenders to create a different look.

And then there’s my new Dr. Martens. I’ve had them for six days and already worn them 4 times, with trousers and dresses. A three inch heel is usually too high for me, but the platformed front reduced the pressure on the ball of my foot, making it a comfortable shoe. I wore them last week while shopping with a client and my feet did well for about 5 hours.

My faux fur vest is a retro, girly and dramatic contrast against the masculine trousers and chunky shoes. I also like topping off this outfit with trench coats and fitted blazers. I chose a slouchy red bag, instead of a structured one, to relax the strictness of the outfit. No accessories apart from my watch, wedding ring and specs (or sunglasses). I’m also wearing the nude lipstick from MAC that I spoke about last week.

This is not an elegant, sophisticated or professional outfit. It’s playful, boyish, a little gangster, and for some people Minnie Mouse will come to mind. I totally get that it might not be your cup of tea, and may even be a little over the top. But it’s really fun to wear and brings to mind fabulous fashion moments of 26 years ago. How can that not put a smile on my face.