For some time now there has been a movement toward “the nude lip”, a shade of lipstick  that resembles a richer, lighter and creamier version of your lips. The effect is a soft and somewhat theatrical blending of lip and skin tone. 

I love this look on others, but was never convinced that ultra pale, blonde me could pull it off. Each time I tried a nude shade of lipstick, it felt like I was putting concealer on my lips. I looked awful. I thought that’s it, I’m sticking to lip balm when I don’t want to wear lipstick! 

Of course, it all boiled down to finding the right shade of nude lip for my lips and complexion, which turned out to be MAC’s “Creamesheen Modesty”. It is glossy and ever so slightly pink, which means I don’t look like a ghost when I wear it. I found this shade a few days ago and I’m hooked. It’s an added bonus that hubby likes it too.

The visual effect of a nude lip is an acquired taste. People usually wear lipstick or gloss to make their lips darker and stand out, not blend into their skin tone. Do you like it, or do you prefer deeper shades? If you do sport a nude lip, which brand and colour works best for you?