MaryK was amused by an article in the New York Times about the fashion competition amongst New York Moms when picking up their kids from school.

Lisa realizes how ridiculous one looks in real life when posing in the same way that models do in fashion shoots

Inge loves the blue and cognac oxford inspired heels that are being used throughout this presentation of Karen Walker’s new collection. Her mixture of blues is beautiful. 

Astrid adores Charlotta’s Fall outfit, where she accessorizes a simple dress with the scarf, belt, tights and boots in Autumn colours.

Laurinda enjoyed Hourglassy’s black T-shirt advice for full-busted lasses. A black T-shirt ups the ‘classy factor’ when it comes to showing cleavage.

Di really liked the discussion of style and personal strength at Already Pretty.

Anna says that Doo-Ri Chung was shocked when Macys asked her to design for them.

Goldenpig found Imogen’s tips on how to pose for outfit photos very helpful, and encourages all YLF lurkers to post their outfits on the forum. Speaking of Imogen, Vildy imagines the stress of choosing conference outfits that you know will be judged by people who judge outfits for a living.

Kyle found these street style slides from Fall 2011 Fashion Week wildly inspirational. 

Kappy, who couldn’t find appealing graphic tees, is inspired to make her own using cool patterned plastic bags

Mrseccentric liked Cynthia’s unique insight into a totally new system for closet purging on Be Fabulous Daily. 

DressLover informs us that Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld is launching his own brand, Karl, in January. The collection, described as “rock chic” and considered a budget line, will be followed in Autumn 2012 by his upmarket brand, Karl Lagerfeld Paris. I’m curious about this collection! 

We’ve linked to My Closet In Sketches before because the sketches are fantastic! Cocolion and I believe that another shout out is in order. 

Vicki highly recommends seeing the small temporary exhibit of theatrical costumes from Italy’s world famous haute couture designers if you live in the Beverley Hills neigbourhood in California.