Faux fur toppers are trending very strongly at the moment. They are everywhere, and in great variety. Short, long, solid, patterned, neutral and in the odd colour. Does the fact that they are so on-trend now mean that they’ll look dated next season or a few years after that? 

To my eye, a splendidly fitting faux fur jacket or coat is a classic and always in style. That might sound confusing because the item is, by coincidence, very fashionable right now. But there is something gloriously retro about the item that makes it stand the test of time. It’s one of those magical pieces that’s chic, elegant and lady like, yet fun and edgy. 

Some of my clients have been wearing faux fur jackets and coats for years, whereas others are only getting into the vibe this season. Either way, I’ve reassured them that the look won’t date. Of course, tiring of the look is another story. If that happens, hold off on wearing it for a while. But don’t retire a faux fur topper if it’s in great condition. Allow it to hibernate in your closet until the mood once again strikes you in that way. You’ll be glad you kept the item!

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