After wearing neutrals for three days in a row, I felt like wearing colour. So out came the orangey-red pencil skirt that I wore on the first day of fashion week, only this time I paired it with a black lace shirt complete with cuff links. This was my other recent Anne Fontaine purchase, and Greg’s favourite piece at the time. With the abundance of lace and orange shown here at Fashion Week, I felt on-trend. 

My leopard print booties have been foot-heaven so I popped them back on with this outfit. I like combining tailored booties with bare legs and skirts or dresses, but also understand if that’s not to your liking. I added a light handbag to pick up the colour of my hair, part of the leopard print, and contrast against the black lace shirt.

Specs and watch were all the accessories I needed because the individual pieces and their luscious fabrications make a strong statement on their own. I also left off the necklace because it took away from the clean lines of the collar. Ordinarily, I would have added another colour close to my face to soften the harshness of the black. But my skin grinning through the lace helped break up the black of the shirt, as did the white rims on my specs.

These photos were taken on the Upper West Side on the way back to our hotel from an appointment in Midtown. We had just walked 35 blocks in warm humid weather so I’m not at my freshest in these photos. But that’s quite okay because we so enjoy walking through the city.