I knew that I was going to be very tired on our first day of Fashion Week because we flew in on the redeye and still had a LONG day to go. So I deliberately planned a very bright and simple outfit to keep up my energy levels. 

I continue to enjoy bright colour blocking. Soon I’ll be clad in heavyweight neutrals as we head into Winter, so I’m making the most of my lighter weight, bright clothes in the mild Autumn weather. I matched a citron blouse with an orangey-red knee length pencil skirt. I finished off the look with gold accessories, bag and gold tipped low heeled pumps. No jacket required. 

The silhouettes are very simple, allowing the colour to do the talking. I’m still having fun sporting the sharp shoulder trend because it brings back sweet ’80s memories. So there you have it — this blouse has shoulder pads. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes me smile.

On the way to supper after our final meeting we met a little doggie called Ninja. He was a sweetheart and climbed straight onto my lap when I showered him with attention. That was my favourite part of the day.