The concept is nothing new. We saw flatforms in the ’70s and ’90s and they’ve been back for a season or two, this time with more variety and refined styling. As the name implies, the flatform is a flat platformed shoe. They achieve the height of a heel without arching the foot. 

Some of my clients who have foot challenges enjoy flatforms because normal high heels cause painful pressure on the balls of the feet or cramping of the toes. My feet also don’t like to arch in heels, but I have a different problem with flatforms. The soles are usually inflexible and I find that I can’t walk my usual fast pace in them. Flatforms with spongy rubber soles, a very ’90s look, have better flexibility, but I still prefer walking in either true flats or very low heels. 

All in all, I am thankful that flatforms made a comeback because they have the capacity to reduce foot pain in a fashionable and on-trend way. Here’s to happy feet.

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