This was an interesting show and at first I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I thought that we would see a series of stories of bebe’s Spring and Summer 2012 inventory, but that didn’t seem to come through in the collection. All of the outfits were shades of white from head to toe. I enjoyed the first few ensembles that came down the runway, absolutely loving the crazy wigs and lucite sunglasses (Dianna the Budget Babe, who was also at the show, described the wigs as very “Marie Antoinette”, which I thought was spot on.) But after a while the white-out got monotonous, especially with all the models wearing the same white wig. I kept hoping that something would break it up, but that didn’t happen.

The outfits themselves were generally baroque and underwear-inspired. Bloomers, petticoats, knickers, corsets and camisoles were just as popular as more structured pieces like blazers, blouses and frocks. Runway models do not wear bras, so in some instances, their bare bodies showed right through the garments. This is not uncommon at fashion week.

I wanted to see the show because bebe makes a good product. If you can get past the excessive ruffles and club wear thing in stores, you’ll see well made, superbly tailored pieces in great fabrics.¬†Upon closer inspection of the photos, I started to appreciate the collection more and more. The range was also full of fabulous tuxedo blazers, cropped jackets, textured shirts, interesting blouses, baggy short shorts and streamlined trouser shapes. We’ll probably see these silhouettes come through next season and I’m curious to see how representative the show is of Bebe’s store collection.¬†

From what I have seen so far at this fashion week, lace and sheer fabrications are going to be big. I’ve seen a few collections with hard edges, so do not despair if black, leather and zippers are your thing. But for the most part we can look forward to a soft and flowing Spring and Summer 2012.