After a modern classic outfit the day before, I was in the mood for something more edgy. I said I’d wear my infamous jodhpur jeans again at Fashion Week, so here they are. As I have said many times before, these jeans are an acquired taste. Greg loves them, I love them, and that makes me feel fab no matter what. 

I combined the jeans with an un-tucked, asymmetrical, sequined black cowl neck blouse and low heeled, taupe peep-toe booties. I spent most of the day in this combination because it was warm outside, but needed another layer to combat air-conditioning and the occasional outside chill. Enter my sparkly, cropped silver tweed jacket.

The glitzy top part of the outfit ruled out further accessories other than my watch, specs, and structured satchel. As much as I adore my pearl and pendant necklaces, I also enjoy leaving off the jewelry these days. Although accessories can take an outfit from fab to drab,  specs, bag, watch and wedding ring often feels suffiicient.

Like most people I’m in awe of the selfless courage of fire fighters. I also just love the aesthetic of shiny red fire engines and in the USA fire stations are often such impressive buildings. The one where these photos were taken is less than a block from our hotel and is no exception. Passersby were still placing flowers outside their big red doors to commemorate 9/11. While we were taking photos a lady walked past and said: “Hey! I recognize you from on-line. That’s so funny!”. It was the first time that a stranger recognized me during a YLF photo shoot. We had a lovely conversation about NYC with her and her friend. So fun!