Where do I begin with how much I loved this show. From the colours and the silhouettes, to the fabrications, the choreography of the show and even the nail polish. Carlos Miele usually shows his collection to Latin music and this show was no different. I was captured as soon as I heard that Latin beat. 

The show opened with an orange, swirly floral patterned chiffon bathing costume cover-up over a white strapless one-piece that just about launched me into orbit. It was followed by the same silhouette in black & white, blue & turquoise, and emerald & citron. These were Miele’s glorious colours for the show. No solid black or beige. It looks like orange and pumpkin are trending for Spring (Lela Rose showed similar orange hues). Miele’s models were also wearing deep orange fingernail polish. Divine. 

Once again, dress and skirt lengths were longer. Styles were generally form-fitting, but there was a LOT of movement in the pieces, which somehow made them just as flowing. Not to worry if you love wide-legged trousers, because they are still trending. Miele is showing them, and Carolina Herrera also showed them in her collection yesterday. 

I adored how the formal ensembles had a strong ’40s vibe. Tailored, ruched and retro. Miele’s talent showed no bounds as he added subtle pleating to his designs. The cut of his garments are so impressive that they still managed to look clean and crisp with both pattern and pleating in the same garment. Some of the dresses and tops had shoulder pads. Most think of shoulder pads as an ’80s rendition, but actually, the ’80s borrowed the trend from the ’40s. The silky patterned button down with the front slit cream maxi was relaxed yet chic. A great “new” formal look to my eye. Some of the models had pendant tassel necklaces draped down their backs. They gracefully swung as the models walked which worked with the flow of the garments. 

I see quite a few designers bringing back patterned garments at this season’s collections. I have a predominantly solid wardrobe, but do adore a striking pattern too. I LOVE the swirl prints in this collection. I recently realized that although I enjoy wearing patterned blouses and dresses, I prefer pattern away from my face. I am especially feeling abstract printed skirts and trousers right now. Thanks for the stunning inspiration Mr. Miele.