Most of the shows I’ve seen at this season’s Spring Fashion Week have emphasized soft, flowing clothing. But the harder edge is also present. Two shows I’ve attended, Herve Leger by Max Azria and this Improvd presentation, and others that I’ve seen on the big screens in the tents of Fashion Week, keep the hard edged trend alive. 

Improvd showed it’s collection through a presentation, where the models stand in place and onlookers can walk around the presentation room and examine the ensembles. Although the presentation format allows you to see the items from closer up, I prefer the runway shows because of the beat of the music and the movement of the clothing. Still, the change is nice.

The collection used soft forest greens, jade and shades of red with grey, black, cream and taupe in both solids and abstract patterns. There was lots of juxtaposition of woven leather with soft silks, shiny satin, and slubby knits. You can’t see the bottoms of the garments here because it was impossible to take full length photos, but the models were wearing drapey cropped harem pants, slouchy trousers, and maxi or midi skirts.

What immediately struck me was how most of the items here are completely wearable. In fact, the presentation looked like a great lineup for Take away the morbid make-up, arm henna, and theatrical hair styles, add in a few mainstream pieces like skinny jeans and pumps, and voila! Totally wearable, albeit fashion forward. 

I really enjoyed this collection. There was a harder edge, but it was mixed with soft, pretty pieces, which I think is in keeping with the main trends for next season.