Today’s poll depends on how you define long and short in this context. I’m going to define short fingernails as anything to the end of your fingertips. Anything longer and you fall into Team Long Fingernails. 

It is probably a rare stylistic preference in the fashion and style world, but I like the look of my fingernails when they are short. I have never had long finger nails and consider it part of my style to keep them as neat,  moisturized and short as possible. As soon as I see those white bits growing over the tips of my fingers, I’m off to clip my nails. The last time I used finger nail polish was on my wedding day — a pearly white that worked with my pearls. I am Team Short Fingernails sans nail polish.  

Over to you. Are you Team Long or Team Short Fingernails? Pick a side and tell us why. This is a personal style preference, so there is no right or wrong.