We see lace tops each year so the idea is hardly new. Despite the tried and tested concept, lace tops are on my radar at the moment because they look refreshing to my eye. Designers are doing a good job of mixing both classic and modern silhouettes, and knit and woven fabrications. There is both romantic and bohemian style inspiration, and colour beyond black and white. 

I loved lace tops in the 80’s and early 90’s. But lace fell out of favour for my style since then. However, Jason Wu’s Fall collection at Fashion Week rekindled my lace love and I am now after a beautifully tailored lace shirt that I can wear with jeans, my pinstripe suit, or a flared midi skirt. That’s the beauty of lace! It looks as good dressed up as it does dressed down. 

I have always liked the dressy and retro integrity of lace. I also enjoy how your skin tone grins through some of the areas of the garment. Lace is stereotypically feminine so I like mixing that vibe with overtly more masculine looks. And I also love keeping the look completely girly. 

Clearly I vote yay to lace tops. What’s your verdict?

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