Last week’s post on what men think of short hairstyles for women caused an explosion of passionate  and interesting comments. This week we are turning the tables and I’m excited to hear what you have to say this time. 

RoseandJoan’s comment on the previous post resonated with me. She said “I think it is wrong to presume that all men like women with long hair or that all women like men with short hair”. I agree that both generalizations are too extreme, especially in the world of fashion and style where men and women have the freedom to push the societal norms and to foster an appreciation for new things.

On this question I am open minded, but I definitely have my preferences. I absolutely believe that some men look better with slightly longer, well kept hair, some even as long as shoulder length. If they have luscious hair, the right facial features and personality for the look, I say go for it. We have a Latin friend who looks sensational with longer hair. It’s a dream of perfect thick wavy dark curls that he wears very well. We also have a friend who has thick stick straight hair that he ties back into a short neat pony tail. We’ve seen both of these friends with very short hair and it doesn’t look as fab.

That being said, although my Greg was blessed with velvety thick curly hair, I like him best with extremely neat short hair (he has it cut every 4 to 5 weeks). It brings out his blue eyes, gorgeous smile and killer dimples. It matches his polished yet spunky style, and goes hand in hand with his mischievous streak.

My favourite hairstyle on a bloke is when a thick matt of super short, well-cut hair goes salt and pepper grey. So when most ladies were weak at the knees over Brad Pitt’s long locks in the movie “Legends of the Fall”, I went ga ga when George Clooney cut his fabulous grey hair extremely short in “The American”.

So ladies, over to you. Can you appreciate a man with longer hair when he pulls it off with panache? Or do you prefer men with shorter hair no matter what?