Mo loves how Nine West is teaming up with pedometer company Fitbit to embed their trackers in the boots of models to raise money for charity. Mo wants her own pair of boots that have a Fitbit.

April enjoyed Sal’s practical guide to learning how to dress yourself. Learning to style oneself should be an ongoing joyful process, and I couldn’t agree MORE with that sentiment. 

Taylor, who is a HUGE Ann Taylor fan, is thrilled that Demi Moore is the next face of Ann Taylor. She so wants to steal her outfit.   

Jonesy enjoyed Susie Bubble’s take on Proenza Schouler’s Fall collection because the pics are gorgeous.

Kitty400 discovered my body gallery which is all about seeing other women with the same dimensions as you. She’s not the only one who looks in the mirror and sees one thing when others say they see something totally different. 

This article on the death of street style got Rae thinking. Have companies really appropriated street style, or are people on the street dressing more commercially?

Kari was stunned that these clothes are made of milk — yes, the drinkable white stuff.

Ornella now knows how to read a Fashion Magazine

Alicat finds it incredibly cheering that 66 year old Helen Mirren was named Body of the Year. I LOVE THAT. 

Refugee liked this post on what to wear when you retire. Dress like your house is somewhere special. 

Annagybe isn’t wowed by the new Marc by Marc Jacobs denim collection because there is already an abundant availability of premium denim. 

Don’t you love it when tiny people invade fashion photography? Kristine did.

Joy found this interesting article on the new dirt on dry cleaners.  

For MNSara, this beauty tip is a personal treasure because it doesn’t make her add another step to her beauty regime. 

April is mesmerized by this photo of Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty.

Inge highly recommends these interviews with older women who continue to have fun with fashion. Advanced style at it’s best and I LOVE IT. 

Lisa was looking for Summer boot inspiration and found a challenge on college fashion. Who else is in? 

Emily’s Autumn Inspirations had TX Sarah chomping at the bit for Fall.

Last but not least, the incomparable Audi does a 50’s vintage outfit her way, making her own hat for the occasion. Super sassy.