My fab hair stylist Theresa says that she has many lady clients who want to cut their hair short, but their husbands and significant others won’t hear of it. I also read in the blogosphere and on our own forum that many men don’t like the look of a woman with very short hair. They find it masculine and unattractive. These men prefer women to have longer hair because it’s more sensual, alluring and feminine.

I have sported very short hair several times since the age of 13. Just yesterday I cut my hair as short as Greg’s. I have never heard a man complaining about a woman’s short haircut first hand, so this common perception that men prefer long hair surprises me.

Greg loves my super short hair. He says that it’s his favourite look for me right now, but that he also loved my hair when I wore a bob, and even when it was longer. Of course he’s biased, but I know that for him it is also about the change. He likes that I have different looks over time.

Even my conservative 80 year old Papa, who prefers women in skirts and dresses, enjoys my short haircut. Bless his heart for continually saying that my short crop looks “erg leuk”, which in Dutch means “very fun”. I also have many male friends who adore women with super short hair if it suits the wearers facial features and personality. 

Of course, I’m sure that I know men who do not fancy short hairstyles on women, but wouldn’t say so in my company. 

So ladies, over to you. Can the men in your life appreciate super short hair on a woman if she pulls off the look with panache? Or do they prefer women with longer hair no matter what?