Which of your wardrobe items have been getting a workout over the last few months? If you’re like me, you tend to latch onto seasonal favourites and wear them all the time. And you really miss them when they’re in the laundry. 

In no particular order, here are my current wardrobe workhorses: 

  1. Turquoise Kate Spade handbag
  2. Gold Kate Spade handbag
  3. Stuart Weitzman two toned ballet flats
  4. Boutique 9 Balair peep toe oxford booties
  5. All my silk blouses and button down shirts
  6. All clamdiggers
  7. Coral and white jeans
  8. Ann Taylor halter tops
  9. Silver cropped jacket
  10. All denim jackets
  11. Pearl and gold necklace
  12. All gold accessories and watch

I still wear my dresses and love them dearly, especially when I match my dressy frocks with a denim jacket. I also swap out my handbags many times a week so it was hard to choose my “of the moment” favourites. Alas, apart from my new colourful midi, and a cream and black graphic pencil skirt, my skirts still aren’t getting much wear. 

Over to you.