Summer is almost here! Although Autumn is my favourite season, I am definitely getting into that carefree Summer mood and my clothing choices reflect it. I wear fewer layers, softer fabrics, brighter colours and lots more white.

This outfit is a twist on my “go-to formula” for mild weather (skinnies, soft boxy blouse and low heeled pumps). I usually wear blue, black or white skinny jeans and any colour that tickles my fancy on top, either bright or neutral. This time I’m wearing brights both on the top and bottom.

I recently bought super soft coral jeans. There was only one pair left that happened to be my size, so I took it as a sign that they were meant to be mine. The hems were originally rolled up “boyfriend style”, which is not my thing. So I unrolled them to long length and instantly fell in love. They look super, but more predictable, with crisp white and cream tops. So instead, as a nod to this season’s bright colour blocking trend, I’m having a ball matching my coral jeans with citron and turquoise blouses. Team Low Contrast and Team Neutral, keep your shades on for these combinations. I get that they are overwhelmingly bright for your senses.

The outfit is clean and simple with no bells or whistles. The colours and luscious fabrications are what make it interesting. The blouse is drapey and boxy, and personally I love that vibe. I find it modern and no-nonsense, which are aspects of my persona I like to reflect in my clothing.

I moved over to Team Matchy Matchy for the handbag. I received it as a gift recently and I want it to come out to play as often as possible. Gold accessories were the way to go with the warm coral tone of the jeans. I originally wore my Mum’s gold medallion because it feels right with everything at the moment, but Greg preferred the champagne pearls and that was that.

The shoes, Boutique 9’s Bailar, are also new and a total revelation. For many reasons, my feet don’t enjoy wearing sandals and as a result, I prefer to wear closed shoes sans socks in the summer. I found these peep toe booties and was instantly drawn to the colour and sturdy two inch heel. I usually don’t wear peep toes, but the leather on these darlings is so unbelievably buttery that they aren’t cutting into my flesh, AND they cover a good portion of my long toes. The closed integrity of the shoe is ideal for my bony and constantly cold feet. This may sound absurd, but these shoes have become my new Summer sandals. They work with just about anything and have made the 4-hour walking mark no problem. I have high hopes that they will become 8-hour shopping shoes.

My better half was especially complimentary about this colour combination, which, coming from someone who is one million percent on Team Neutral, was quite a treat.