We’ve had a Facebook page for some time, but we definitely haven’t been using it to its full potential. In the last few months we started using the Facebook photo album to post photos that we didn’t use in the blog. Although they were outtakes, they were often our favorites because they represented a funny or memorable part of the photo shoot.

When we saw people commenting on these photos we started to wonder what else we could do to support YLF from Facebook. Our primary assumption has always been that most of our readers and members would want to keep their Facebook and YLF worlds separate, but maybe that isn’t true. Or perhaps it is changing over time.

So we thought we’d just ask you for your opinion. We have created a very short and simple survey and we’d love to get your input. Note that your survey answers are completely anonymous.

Also, rest assured that if we do ever decide to offer more Facebook integration on YLF, it will always be completely transparent and optional.

Here is a link to the survey: YouLookFab and Facebook.