Recent blog posts on my top picks forĀ one-piece and two-piece swimwear raised some interesting questions, one of which was about the age that women should stop wearing bikinis. Well, here’s my point of view.

I am open minded about fashion and style because there is no one way to be stylish. I suggest guidelines that serve as a starting point, and am all for cleverly bending the so called style rules when the results are edgy, arty and flattering. That said, I also believe in age appropriate dressing, which has little to do with not being able to sport the latest trends, and more to do with covering up a certain amount of skin. In other words, after a certain age, I believe it’s best to not wear your clothes too short, too tight and too low. I’m not pinpointing the age because that will differ from person to person.

But when it comes to bikinis, my thought process is different. Regardless of your age and so called body flaws, if wearing a bikini floats your boat – wear it. Swimming in the sea, lying on the beach, sailing on a boat, and soaking up the heat are activities that bring you closer to mother nature. What is more natural than baring your body in a natural environment? To me, showing larger amounts of skin in this type of context is 100% appropriate. Who cares if you don’t look like a super toned fitness instructor in a bikini. Who cares about jiggly bits and cellulite at this point. In natural environments, context overrides body type and age appropriate dressing restrictions. Wear that bikini if you are confident and comfortable doing so. I will applaud your uninhibited spirit.

Now, public pools aren’t quite as natural in setting (most of them are located in urban or suburban environments). The question is, does the same rationale apply? Should you cover up more of your body just because you are older and your body isn’t “bikini fit”? I am torn on this one and could argue either way.

I’d love to hear your viewpoints on the subject. When should you stop wearing a bikini? Are you offended when women who are not bikini fit, or are over a certain age bare their bodies at the sea or poolside? Would you prefer to see them cover up?