It’s easy to pop necklaces into a pretty jewelry box, but that doesn’t work for me because I’ll forget about them and just not wear them at all. As a person who wears necklaces regularly, I find that it’s important to keep my everyday necklaces visible. Necklaces for special occasions that don’t get much wear can be stored away. I will remember to wear them when the time comes.

I’ve found that keeping my everyday necklace collection in our small walk-in wardrobe right next to my clothes is ideal. As you can see in the photo, I hang them on a simple rack of hooks that Greg attached to the wall. That way I can grab a necklace in a sec, look in the mirror that’s a few feet away and get on with my day. They stay fairly untangled and protected this way.

These are ALL my necklaces apart from a few very valuable pieces that I keep boxed in a safe place. It might surprise you that some of these necklaces are not costume jewelry, and yet I store them in this fashion. I see no point in keeping them boxed and extra safe because my necklaces are there to be worn, admired and enjoyed.

There are many variations on this theme that work for my clients. Some hang their necklaces on nails in the bathroom. Others hang them on hooks on the inside of cupboard doors.

Necklace trees (like forum member MaryK’s example on the right) are another great idea if you keep them on an easy to reach counter space close to the dressing area. One of my clients drapes her chunky necklaces on the corner of an antique mirror and it looks quite attractive. Another hangs her funky necklaces on fancy hooks, lining them up across a hallway wall. Creative and decorative!

I also have a client who wears daintier jewelry, and she keeps her rather large necklace collection in clear plastic boxes with sectioned compartments. So one necklace for each compartment. She keeps them on a visible shelf in her cupboard where she sees them each day.

Over to you. How do you store your necklaces?