We’ve talked about the power of heels, and how they take an outfit from fab to drab. I’ve also suggested adding heels to an outfit if it doesn’t feel right with flats. And Team Heels reigns supreme as our poll clearly demonstrated.

Heels create a longer leg line, accentuate calf muscles, add a dressy aspect to your ensemble, and amplify your femininity. So ladies, do outfits always look better with heels?

I’m going with a no. I absolutely believe in the power of heels, but also think that some outfit combinations look just as good or even better with flats (in the category of flats I am including a chunky one inch heel on a sleek riding boot.) For example, leggings were made for ballet flats. Such a natural and pretty pairing! I also love the look of skinny cargos and skinny jeans paired with flat gladiator sandals and ballet flats as much as when they are paired with heels. And when it comes to the Equestrian look, one close to my heart, it looks best with a tall flat riding boot.

Remember that heels needn’t be dressy. Cork, wicker and wooden heels with distressed leather uppers are casual shoes. Slouchy suede boots with chunky heels and heeled Dr. Martens are casual boots.

Over to you? Can flats look just as killer as heels, or do heels always elevate an outfit?