Welcome to an updated YLF!

The biggest change you will see today is a completely overhauled front page. We wanted to highlight visual content, like Angie’s outfits, and also surface some of the most popular posts from the deep archives. We wanted to do a better job of featuring forum activity on the front page, so instead of separate recent posts and recent photos on the left, the area now shows the two combined as they should be.

We’re very excited about the new front page. It was almost a year ago that we created a front page for YLF that was separate from the blog front page, and although we refreshed that layout a few weeks after launching it, we were never completely happy with the design.

New design elements on the front page had a ripple effect throughout the site. Most of these updates are purely visual and probably won’t change the way that you use YLF.

We got around to a few items on the honey-do list. Some forum members will be happy to see a little button near the bottom of most pages that takes you back to the top. Others will be happy that both recent and permanent role badges are visible beneath your profile picture. Previously this area only showed the role badges you had accumulated over the last 30 days and you had to go to your profile page to see your permanent roles. Now if you have a permanent role that you haven’t earned recently, it appears as a faded badge in the list. In the example below you can see that in Inge’s case this is true for the “helper” role.

For the last year or so veteran members have had the additional ability to flag forum posts as spam. This has been an enormous help to us. Today all members get the ability to help us moderate the forum using a “Report Post” option that appears underneath every post. After pressing this you can type in some more details about why you’d like to bring this post to our attention before sending the report to the team. Feel free to report anything you think we need to know about, whether it is suspected spam, something you find offensive, a copyright violation, or even if it is just to tell us that your spidey sense is tingling.

Last, but not least, there is a new forum category: Inspiration. This is a place to post anything that inspires your personal style, or that you think might be inspirational to others. It could be an outfit you saw on someone else, a new item in the store, an interior design theme, or a flower you photographed over the weekend.

That’s it. Be sure to let us know if you experience any problems. We will definitely be fixing little issues and tweaking the design as it settles in over the next few days.