We often talk about the shape and height of a heel, but the shape of the toe box is just as important. We’ve reached the stage in fashion where just about all toe box shapes are in style: blunt, pointy, angular, and everything in-between.

For several years round toes and almond toes have been popular, probably because they are flattering on most feet and body types. But I have a hunch that things are about to change. High end designers are showing lots of square toes, which means that it won’t be long before we’ll see them filter back down into mainstream fashion. Maybe in a big way.

The ’90s were all about extra chunky square toed black footwear. Although I wore footwear like that back then, square toes are much more refined right now, and hopefully it will stay this way. There’s also the snip toe, which is like a pointy toe with a snipped off nose. It’s less angular than a real square toe but square all the same.

I have all toe box shapes represented in my wardrobe because I like the variety and all the shapes. As long as the square toe and snip toe is refined and not chunky, I enjoy it just as much as a round toe or almond toe. But I have clients and friends who do not like square toed footwear at all. They find it overly masculine and unattractive. Some also find it stumpy, dumpy and leg shortening. How do you feel about square toed footwear?

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