Before coming to America I didn’t hear the term “hot” very often. I would occasionally say that someone was “a little hottie”, but I would never describe an outfit as “hot”. These days I see the word used in this way all the time. In the blogosphere and on the internet in general, on television, and in print. So I got to thinking about what that really means.

In the dictionary the non-temperature related interpretation of “hot” is described as slang for: sexually aroused, lustful, sexy and attractive. So, if you look hot in an outfit, it’s accurate to infer that you look sexy and alluring. Translating these adjectives into specifics, I think of stereotypical bombshell details like tight fitting clothes, bare skin, extremely high heels and lipstick that exaggerates the pout of our lips.

That is the obvious interpretation, but it leaves me with lots of questions. I wonder whether these stereotypes really do embody the hottest looks. Or is it possible to look hot in other ways? Say, in loosely fitting and less revealing clothing, or in flat shoes? And who determines that you look hot? Is it you, or is it or your audience?

I don’t have a bombshell quality to my style. Hubby Greg has known me for 24 years and when I asked him about it, he simply said:  “It’s just not your thing. You’ve never worn revealing clothing and high heels, but you do wear form fitting clothing like skinny jeans, pencil skirts, sleek turtle necks and sheath dresses”. And Greg is right. These are absolutely clothing items that make me feel alluring. Thing is, I can feel just as alluring in a little sack dress with ballet flats. Or a suit. Or a blazer, shirt, boots and jeans. Or even a soft boxy blouse.

I think you are as hot as you feel. Just like there is no one way to look stylish, there is no one way to look and feel hot. Furthermore, the confidence of the wearer also makes an outfit hot, maybe even more so than the outfit itself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes an outfit look hot. And when types of outfits make you feel hot?