Mexico City is full of colourful buildings, pretty tiled areas, art deco architecture, and charming courtyards. These pictures were taken on our first day as we walked around town after a perfect breakfast of buttery Mexican pastries and granola. One of our very favourite things to do is walk around a new city and soak up the atmosphere. The sun was out, the weather mild and we enjoyed every interesting minute.

My bold and voluminous polka dot bubble dress is crease resistant, making it ideal for travel. I’m still wearing my favorite three year old zippered leggings because they make me smile and keep me warm. My cropped tuxedo jacket adds a sophisticated and arty dimension to the dress, as does the new LuLu Guinness structured satchel. Black ballet flats, retro specs, RayBans, and a big silver watch complete the look. No jewelry required. Easy to pack, comfy to wear and the right smart casual tone for the first face to face meeting with my client.

Greg and I sat in an outside Café while we waited for Fernanda, who we were going to meet for lunch. In the distance I saw a fresh and pretty vision in purple walking towards us. From her fabulous black Frye boots, perfect pant lengths and amazing Joan Jett hairstyle – I knew that this was Fernanda! Excitedly we waved and embraced like old friends.

Fernanda regularly appears on Mexican TV and radio shows and it wasn’t long before someone recognized her. It was quite clear that Greg and I were in the company of a local celebrity.

Our shared passion for dogs bonded Fernanda and I from the start. On weekdays her adorable rescue, Dulce (in the red bandana), attends a school for dogs in a nearby park. On the way to lunch, we met Dulce and her classmates and it was an eye opener. There were many different breeds, from the largest of Great Danes to the smallest of toy poodles, obediently doing their homework in the park. We couldn’t believe how well behaved these dogs were! The picture with Dulce below was taken during recess, and as you can see, she is a 100% Mummy’s girl. I did get the odd bit of snuggle time too, which was quite an honour.

On the way to the best taco place in town (the tacos were delectable), we wanted to know all about Mexico City. And since Fernanda is a writer and film critic the three of us talked a lot about movies and film. The talking didn’t stop. We yakked about life in America, Mexican food, our hotel, dogs and so much more. I think I talked poor Fernanda’s ear off.

After lunch I walked with Fernanda to her apartment. And so the closet fun began. You’ll hear more about that from Fernanda herself tomorrow.

Additional photos: We have started to post photos on Facebook since some readers prefer to get their YLF fix over there. We have posted these ones and a few others in this album.