I started writing about transitioning your wardrobe from Winter into Spring, but when I went back to the post I wrote almost exactly one year ago, I realized that the information was still relevant today. So instead of writing the same post again, I’m going to suggest that you take a look at “How to Put the Spring in Your Step“. There was interesting discussion, so be sure to read the comments too.

Having read the post, make a short shopping list if you need one, and spend time in your closet remixing Spring outfits. Perhaps it’s a question of adding silky scarves and a colourful trench coat to your wardrobe assortment? Maybe you need light coloured boots, white jeans and non-neutral jackets?  Lightweight Spring knitwear, colourful belts and printed blouses are also a great idea.

My Spring-to-Winter workhorses are my cream, black and citron trench coats. The extra warmth of their quilting is perfect during our soggy Seattle Spring. My apple green boots, light colored boots, silky scarves and bright knitwear also get lots of wear.