Most of us are thinking about curbing our spending after an expensive holiday season. That means less shopping, more saving, and more time in your closet. Yes, spending time in your closet saves money. Here’s how.

1 – Edit

Regular closet sweeps eliminate unnecessary items, but they also help you to identify exactly what you already own, thereby preventing unnecessary duplication. I’ve written several posts on closet organization and this one offers a summary of what can be an extremely liberating, simple and painless process. If you’re unsure whether an item is dated, these tips might help. And if you still can’t bear to let go of an item, create a hidden holding zone and revisit these items later.

2 – Organize

How many times have you gone into your closet and thought: ”Oh! I forgot I had that top. That means I can layer underneath dresses”, or, “Oh! There they are. I knew I had a pair of straight leg black trousers. Now I can wear them with short dresses and create a totally different look”. If you can’t see it you can’t wear it. That’s why keeping your closet neat and organized multiplies your outfit possibilities.

3 – Remix

Wearing your clothes, footwear and accessories in new ways can prevent style boredom. I enjoy adding new items to my wardrobe mix, but remixing can be just as exciting.

Unfortunately, just staring at your wardrobe contents won’t do it. You have to get stuck in! Take a little time and experiment with new clothing combinations, actually trying on the remixed outfits. Take photos or make notes of your remixes, and remember to wear them. If you struggle with this creative process, post questions on forums (allow me to recommend the YLF forum) and check out daily outfit blogs for inspiration.

Just Do It

While this process is time consuming (there’s no free lunch I’m afraid), it’s infinitely more cost effective than buying new stuff to stave off feelings of wardrobe boredom. And if done in the right state of mind, it will be a fun, creative process. The more time you put into your wardrobe, the more you will get out of it.

Of course, lacking the inspiration to edit, organize and remix is understandable too. Solicit the support of a friend or family member and plan closet time together. Put on your favourite music, prep your favourite snacks and just do it!