1. Worst outfitLady Gaga’s meat ensemble. Repulsive on so many levels.
  2. Best retail decision: Most retailers in the US heavily discounted their merchandise BEFORE Christmas. We benefit from the discount while retailers clear their stocks before the New Year. A win for all.
  3. Most over-killed retail item: Cardigans.
  4. Best celebrity hair transformation: As soon as Emma Watson finished shooting her last Harry Potter movie, she cut off her locks to sport what I think is the best short pixie cut ever. Absolutely killer.
  5. Worst fashion trend: Wearing leggings as pants and I don’t mean jegging type leggings. I mean leggings that look like hosiery and should be worn that way.
  6. Best retail assortment: Jeans.
  7. Saddest fashion news: The death of genius fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
  8. Best retail customer service: It’s a tie between Zappos and Nordstrom.
  9. Most improved look retailers: The Loft and the Gap.
  10. Best fashion trend: Over the knee boots. From fringe to mainstream and 100% wearable.
  11. Worst colour: To quote one of our forum members “soul sucking beige”.
  12. Most popular colour: Purple.
  13. Most unexpectedly likable silhouette: harem pants and jump suits.
  14. Most ironic fashion moment: Me in Crocs.

Onto to an even better year of fashion and style in 2011!